2017 Conference Objectives

At the conclusion, the participant should be able to:

  • Identify the trauma pattern associated with commotion cordis.
  • List the differences in injury from erotic asphyxiation vs. the choking game.
  • Explore active shooter hostile event incidents.
  • Define the basic ECMO concepts.
  • Discuss options for stress reduction management.
  • Review scenarios of difficult airway management situations.
  • Identify strategies to improve patient outcomes following ICU delirium.
  • Recognize victims of human trafficking.
  • Understand the relationship between trauma and drug addiction.
  • Apply basic evidence collection techniques.
  • Define compartment syndrome

Current guidelines state that the participants in CME activities should bemade aware of any affiliation or financial interest that may affect the speaker’s presentation(s). Each speaker has been requested to complete a conflict of interest statement. The names of faculty members, planning committee members and their disclosure of any conflicts of interest will be disclosed during the conference.

The conference planning committee reserves the right to make substitutions or changes in this schedule plan of events for circumstances beyond their control without prior notice to the participants.